Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sniper Log - 5/26/2012 - Shelton Field

Weapon - Blaser R93 LRS1 - 400 fps
Camoflague - Multicam base, with full stalker ghillie suit

Conditions - 55 - 65 degrees, clear, sunny, no wind

Operation - I was part of a seal team that needed to rendezvous with rangers and exfil the hostel area.

After exfil, the objective was to prevent opfor from holding a control point signaled by raising a flag in the middle of the swamp. I moved into the swamp from the east and headed west toward the objective about 60 ft south of the flag pole. I was paralleling a small fire team of 3 to my north.

I was stalking low through the swamp and caught a glimpse of movement to my left. At 1222 while staying just above the 5 ft, tall swamp grass I glassed to the south west just in time to observe an enemy combatant pass through an open space and behind cover. I wait for approximately 30  seconds and see another opfor travelling the same path as the first. I estimated the range to be 90 ft.

Once he was clear in the open I sent a round his way. I did not have time to confirm the hit as I crouched immediately to not give away my location the shot looked true and I am confident that he was eliminated.

I continued to head west and found cover under a laid down tree about 100 ft South east from the objective. I added some natural foliage to my ghillie suit and created a small hide to provide over watch on the objective.

At 1250 the opfor rallied an assault on the objective and maid a strong push towards towards the flag. I counted 5 but suspected there was around 7 opfor. I readily identified the enemy team leader as he was shouting orders. They were not aware of my location but I was only 30 ft away from the enemy team commander. I pulled out a frag (thunder B) and threw it towards the team commander and scored a elimination on him and one other.

The fire team I was parallel to eliminated the remaining attackers. I noticed movement in the grass and observed an opfor that had taken cover. I observed that he had a hard black plastic "skull" mask. I watched him for a minute and at 1255 I decided to not let him go and squeezed the trigger. I watched as the BB travelled 40 ft and impacted in the forehead of the opponent. Confirmed kill.

I maintained my position for an additional 15 minutes when I heard movement behind me and close. I did not have time to turn so I hunkered down in the grass and waited. An enemy opfor approached within 8 ft of my position. I waited until I was on his side and safety killed him.

He was part of a two man team and his partner eliminated me, as I tried to find him. I spent the rest of the day disengaged as my pistol fell out of my holster and I searched for it the rest of the day.

5 Kills, 4 confirmed.
2 - Grenade Kills
2 - Sniper Kills
1 - Safety Kill


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