King Arms Blaser

Well Finally I have the King Arms Blaser R93 LRS1 Below are links to my video review and a accuracy test. I will have text reviews up soon


  1. Hey Newbie! I just purchased a Blaser R93 and am in the market for buying upgrades. I really just want to buy an upgraded spring, but now I see I have to buy more parts. My question for is; what should I buy so my gun doesn't shatter into 1,000,000 pieces?

    1. Depends on your budget :) in order of importance I would start with the spring guide, then piston, then a new cylindar, then the new stainless steel trigger set that King arms released. They have full cylindar upgrade kits which would probably be easiest. Just remember that know matter what you put into it it will fail eventually, it ia a matter if when not if. Higher quality components just delay the damage. Good luck and good shooting

  2. what website do you order parts for the blaser i have been searching with no luck